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Hillsboro Lighthouse  

In 1906 at The Detroit Foundry the Hillsboro Lighthouse was completed, inspected, and approved for service in Detroit.

January - The lighthouse is disassembled and finally shipped via Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico, around Key West =, and north to the Hillsboro Inlet-for a grand total of Four-Thousand Nautical Miles. 
The lens is shipped from Paris, France to Miami, Florida and then goes to the Hillsboro Inlet. 
J.H. Gardner Construction Co. of New Orleans awarded the contract for clearing the land laying the foundation, re-assembling, and erection for the cost of $16,792. 

1907- The grounds, buildings, lens, and lighthouse are thoroughly inspected by the corps of Engineers and is finally authorized for service by Major Macquirth, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Head Engineer, Eighth Engineering District. March 07- Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse is first Illuminated and placed into service under the jurisdiction of the United States Lighthouse Board.  The light is provided by an Incandescent  Oil Vapor Lamp ("which is similar to a Coleman Mantle Lamp") in a revolving Second Order Fresnel Lens. The rotation flash of the light is set to a ten-second period. 


Major hurricanes wreaked their havoc on the station with downed trees, a torn roof, and small boats that became stranded ion land. 

1930- Heavy stone breakwater is installed from the base of the lighthouse to Ocean (260ft long) to stabilize land point.

1932- The light became electrified with a 250 Watt Bulb. 

1939- (July 07) Federal Department transfer, USLHS (commerce) to USCG. from that point on, all lighthouse keepers were Coast Guard Servicemen.

The Lighthouse is turned off in an effort to assist in World War Two. 

1966- 3-250Watt bulbs are replaced with just one 1,000 Watt bulb, increasing the power to 5.5 million CP and has a range of 28 NM.

March- The Concrete Barefoot Mailman statue is replaced with a Bronze Statue.
April- The Lighthouse celebrates One Hundred and Five years of service with the dedication of sed new Barefoot Mailman Statue.